Cheap 1300 Numbers

If you are looking for cheap 1300 numbers you need to consider if you will have a few calls a day or volumes of calls a month. The higher the volume the greater the discount. With us our plans start at just 5c a day and is suitable for a start up business. When you grow you can move to higher discounts at Telecom Corp.

FYI Telco 1300 Number Features:

Each 1300 Number Comes With Loads Of Free Featues:
We offer heavily discounted 1300 number and 1800 number rRates compared to our main competitors. We do this to give new customers an opportunity to trial our range of included features inside our unique Custmer Tool Box.

Included Features:
  1. 24/7 Real Time Destination Changes
  2. Call Forwarding
  3. Multiple Call Overflow
  4. Time Routing
  5. Day Routing
  6. Whisper Alert
  7. Business Introduction Audio
  8. Caller Indentification
  9. Voice To Email (or Fax To Email)
  10. Live Call Reporting and much more...